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Fire ant nests were recently confirmed in isolated new localities in the Brisbane City Wards of Wishart and Runcorn, in Logan City and Beaudesert Shire, leading to modifications of the Treatment Zones. In the suburb of Robertson, a large number of fire ant nests were found on a property. This has resulted in the existing Sunnybank Outlier Treatment Zone being extended north to include areas between Mains Road and Troughton Road, Sunnybank (Runcorn Ward), the whole suburb of Robertson, an area of Macgregor bounded by Cervantes, Lisbon, Capstan, Carnaby, Luton, Darlington, Chadford and Mccullough Streets with Mains Road (Wishart Ward) and a small area of Coopers Plains between Musgrave Road, Aylton, Harford, Leven and Cottonvale Streets and Troughton Road (Moorooka Ward).

Identified nests and the areas directly adjacent to them have been treated already, but treatment of other properties in this new extended area of the Zone will not occur until September, as the general Treatment program is being suspended during the cooler months when ants are less active. FACC Teams will during this time concentrate on surveillance in areas adjacent to the Treatment Zones. Any new nests detected will be treated immediately.

In August field officers from the Fire Ant Control Centre will letterbox all directly affected residents and businesses with information and offer Public Meetings on the eradication program. In the mean time, we will be holding a general meeting in the Coopers Plains-Nathan-Robertson-Macgregor-Sunnybank North area for just after the school holidays on the evening of July 16th 2002. We hope this will maximise attendance and the meeting would cover general issues about the Fire Ant program, particularly the strategies behind shifting resources from Treatment to Surveillance during winter and be advertised in the local paper and school newsletters.

Robertson State School hall, Musgrave Road, Robertson, will be the venue for this meeting on July 16th at 7pm. The State Member for Mount Gravatt, Hon. Judith Spence opened the meeting.

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